Rekindling the Knitting

Cable knit mitt

About a month ago I mentioned plans to knit Tom a jumper. If that were to happen it might be ready in time for Christmas 2015. I’ve been completely stumped by the tubular cast on so haven’t even managed one row of this big project. Every time I thought of knitting I’d remember I couldn’t do the first step and so I’d put it off. Again and again.

So, in an effort to find my knitting mojo, I’ve gone back to what I know and love: mitts – one of my top favourite knitting patterns. It satisfies my need for quick gratification and I’m hoping it’ll boost me enough to tackle that tubular cast on again pretty soon. Any hints or tips most welcome!

And if you liked this…

How to Mend a Christmas Jumper

Tom in his Christmas jumper

Tom’s reindeer jumper from Howies is certainly well-loved. It’s is his go-to woolly winter wear. So when he discovered both elbows worn through right before his school kids’ Christmas disco, something had to be done…

Worn woolly jumper and darning

Darning is easier than I had first thought. With some spare yarn and a yarn needle, simply stitch across the hole in a horizontal direction, before then going back over the hole in a vertical direction. If in doubt, watch a how-to video.

Tom was after leather elbow patches, but I’ve made that mistake before. Usually the leather is too stiff to sit well on a jumper. So, I found an old tweed skirt that was begging to be cut up. Cut two tweed ovals, pin them over the holes, and check they’re evenly spaced (no one wants wonky elbows). Then, stitch around them with a standard needle and thread (rolling up the sleeves makes this easier.)

Two tweed elbow patches done, so Tom shall indeed go to the ball, I mean, the school disco..

Christmas Crafting

Craft bag on a chair

I know it’s early guys, but really, it’s not that early.  Autumn is here in its full-on, golden richness and I’ve just got back in the mood to start knitting.  I was busy thinking about my favourite colours and what selfish knitting I might start next when an eager friend told me she’d already done lots of her Christmas shopping.  If it hadn’t been for her, I’d have bought that mound of burgundy wool I was planning for myself.  But instead, I’m getting my Christmas craft on.

I love making Christmas gifts of any sort: baking, drawing, stitching, brewing..  It gets me in the holiday spirit.  It’s a little early to go gung-ho on the festive cheer, even for me.  But I’m enjoying spending a little more time over some presents and being ahead of my usual November’s-end frantic rush .

Choose carefully to whom you give these made-with-love presents.  Some people are strangely bah-humbug about homemade, and no one wants that putdown all over their parcel.  But if you can find someone who delights in your creativity and appreciates your time more than your wallet, then you’ve found a worthy candidate.  Happy crafting!

Knitting for the Chill

Three conkers in Bryony's hand

There is a distinct snap in the air today: a chilly wind and an almost-frost.  I finished these mitts off in the nick of time.  This pair have been hanging around on the needles since last winter (after all, who wants to knit something they’ll have no reason to wear in the heat of summer?) so I only had one cuff and a thumb to polish off in time for the October chill.

I abandoned the pattern after I decided I had to use this tweed yarn that was much skinnier than what was advised.  So they’re a little tight, and the thumbs spent last night being stretched out by a carrot.  Not a very stylish beginning, but these are everyday gloves- perfect for chucking on when it’s chilly, with no delusions of grandeur.  I’d really love to knit some fair isle but for now my fumbling fingers will have to settle for standard stripes.  I am revelling in some chilly days and a excuse to wear a newly finished project.

Favourite Knits

Knitted accessories photo collage

Grey skies are setting in and the brolly is going with me to work every day. It’s that time of year when I start thinking about things to make, pinning all sorts and rifling through my Ravelry favourites. The same part of me that avoids ordering the same dessert as my partner compels me to try new patterns every time I pick up sticks. Incidentally, this doesn’t extend to my baking. I made choc chip cookies yet again this weekend. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

These three past knitting projects are my choc chip cookie patterns. I wear them to death. I have the mitts in three different colours. I want this snood in burgundy, and I figure I need another five of these cardis just to give this one a break from daily wear. So I’m going to embrace a good thing, resist my inclination for something new and shiny, and enjoy new colours in an old pattern. Whatever crafty project you get busy doing this season, remember there’s a lot to be said for an old faithful.