Favourite Knits

Knitted accessories photo collage

Grey skies are setting in and the brolly is going with me to work every day. It’s that time of year when I start thinking about things to make, pinning all sorts and rifling through my Ravelry favourites. The same part of me that avoids ordering the same dessert as my partner compels me to try new patterns every time I pick up sticks. Incidentally, this doesn’t extend to my baking. I made choc chip cookies yet again this weekend. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

These three past knitting projects are my choc chip cookie patterns. I wear them to death. I have the mitts in three different colours. I want this snood in burgundy, and I figure I need another five of these cardis just to give this one a break from daily wear. So I’m going to embrace a good thing, resist my inclination for something new and shiny, and enjoy new colours in an old pattern. Whatever crafty project you get busy doing this season, remember there’s a lot to be said for an old faithful.

12 thoughts on “Favourite Knits

  1. cripes a cardigan, I envy your knitting skills. Had a flick through your favourites but couldn’t work out which one it was (may try and persuade Mum to get knitting for Christmas …)

    • It’s not hard to make once you’re rolling, though it does take a bit of concentrating to cast on. It’s a fun one to do, as once you’re going you don’t need the pattern.

  2. I’ve only recently taken up knitting, and I still dream of being able to create what you’ve made here! I think a scarf should be my first aim, and as the chilly weather is already creeping in, you’ve inspired me to get to it! Oh, and I’m loving that snood – burgundy would be lovely :)

  3. Aaah I wish that I could knit too!
    I love your snood and jumper:)
    Your blog is gorgeous!
    very excited to have discovered it and off to stalk a little more…
    Lulu x