Early Riser

Sunset over rooftops in Cowes

As if I needed any more of a reminder that autumn is here, just this week I’ve started rising before the sun. Thanks to shorter days, and a yoga crush, I’ve been breaking my own ‘never rise before 6’ policy. Erin Motz is the cheeriest, most unassuming pretzel of a yogi, who makes all sorts of twists and bends feel doable. Seriously, check out her 30 day challenge.

I like the max-out-your-day feeling of being up with the sun, but in the height of summer the sun rises way too early for me to match it (this sleepless weekend being the exception). So September is a good time to spend 30 days waking up early to salute the sun. I don’t know if this morning routine will last in to the dark wintry mornings. But for now, I’m loving my early stretch.

3 thoughts on “Early Riser

  1. Carol Hollingshead on said:

    We have our own reliable little alarm clock. He’s a miniature dachsund named Esau (because he’s “red and hairy” like the one in the Bible). He thinks no one should sleep past six a.m. The yoga sounds intriguing.

  2. We seem to like the same exercising options! :o) Thanks for mentioning the yoga challenge.

    I seem to naturally prefer staying up late and sleeping in, but when I have something fun to wake up to, like on holiday or when there’s snow or it’s my birthday, I have no problem with rising early. And you are right, the day feels longer when you do it.