About Page Collage

Give me fresh air, strong coffee and a well-stocked wood pile and I’ll be happy.

Hello there! I’m Rusty, an Islander returned after years in the city. The Isle of Wight is my home, to which I stake my claim by running its muddy tracks, cliffside paths and hidden holloways. I think that most of life’s woes can be improved upon by a bit of time outdoors. Constantly striving to spend more of life outside, I dream of building a tiny cabin and squirrelling away cake and other such essentials.

Tom the mister and Rolo the mutt are my partners in crime. I’m not sure who amongst us loves time outside the most, but I can guarantee Tom’s most likely to take pictures of it, I’ll be the first to tire out in it, and Rolo is the most likely to cause a nuisance. We all seem to get equally muddy regardless.

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