Rekindling the Knitting

Cable knit mitt

About a month ago I mentioned plans to knit Tom a jumper. If that were to happen it might be ready in time for Christmas 2015. I’ve been completely stumped by the tubular cast on so haven’t even managed one row of this big project. Every time I thought of knitting I’d remember I couldn’t do the first step and so I’d put it off. Again and again.

So, in an effort to find my knitting mojo, I’ve gone back to what I know and love: mitts – one of my top favourite knitting patterns. It satisfies my need for quick gratification and I’m hoping it’ll boost me enough to tackle that tubular cast on again pretty soon. Any hints or tips most welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Rekindling the Knitting

  1. Ooh lovely colour :) I’m supposed to have started a jumper for Tam but keep putting it off cause he’s such a giant and I know I’m gonna get so bored if I can make it in the round! Definitely casting on this week though…probably…