If you listen to one thing…

iPhone on table next to candle

All these years I’ve been a committed radio lover, I’ve been dedicated to whatever is playing live at the moment that I press the switch. I enjoy the random prize of whatever is on, so I’ve always rejected the idea of podcasts: I don’t have the time / the inclination / the bandwidth / etc.

Then Tom persuaded me to listen to Serial. Seriously, you guys, have you heard? If you haven’t downloaded this and been listening on your commute / night run / supermarket sweep / etc then you have definitely been missing out.

But, it made me realise I’ve been missing out on so much more! I know, I’m late to the party. So now I’ve been binge-listening to Short Cuts, The Digital Human, and This American Life. So, just before you head on over to download Serial, please tell me: what else have I been missing out on? Find me over on Twitter or Instagram.

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