As Many Passions As People

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As is always the way with Radio 4, I found myself listening to a person I didn’t know on a subject I knew nothing about, and loving it. Yesterday, Phil Harding spoke on Making History about discovering his love of archaeology. (Oh my, that voice! Like a cross between a laugh and a burr, the audible equivalent of twinkling eyes.) He spoke of his affinity for his subject, how it was ‘always in him’, feeling “as happy as larry” on his first dig, and being “as happy as larry ever since!” What a privilege to feel so sure of your place in the world, and in what you’re doing!

Ken Robinson recently wrote a book on ‘finding your element‘, filled with examples of people doing what they love and their journey towards discovering it. Among other things, it’s a call for education to be structured in a way that encourages young people to develop their individual talents and interests.

I always find it inspiring to hear about people who have found their passion and I love finding out about what draws them to it. Maybe I’m just nosy! But, for a collector of the eclectic, on people and their diverse and surprisingly fascinating lives, you couldn’t find a better spot than Radio 4.
Happy 90th Birthday BBC!

5 thoughts on “As Many Passions As People

  1. Oh I love Radio 4. My friend Emily occasionally recommends things to listen to on her blog (Mummylimited) and there is always something new and interesting to hear. I am going to have a listen to this while I sew this morning. Thanks for the tip.