East Cowes Mini Aventure

View of Cowes old town from East Cowes

Sometimes big plans just don’t happen. Sometimes that extra half hour in bed is too sweet, and a brunch with family warrants just one more cuppa, or a project at the kitchen table is too involving to abandon. And sometimes not having a car makes travelling to some scenic country spot just a little bit too much bother. But, failed plans can make room for mini adventures; this one an easy explore on our doorstep.

So today we didn’t get up to the downs before breakfast, but instead ran down to the chain ferry and across to East Cowes after teatime.  We explored a local bit of townside coast, and watched our little town from across the estuary.  It’s surprising how many interesting things there are amongst the concrete.  Old ship yards and high windowed warehouses looking out on an esplanade of sunday strollers and kids fishing.

Seagulls sitting on East Cowes breakwater

Sea bird on the beach

Old fence by the sea in East Cowes Isle of Wight

Rusty on the sea wall at East Cowes, Isle of Wight

We got a little carried away in the quiet pace of it and would have missed supermarket opening hours, if it weren’t for Tom being a much faster runner than me.  So, thanks to him we had yummy Sunday dinner and a well-stocked evening by the fire.  Feeling ready for another busy week.

2 thoughts on “East Cowes Mini Aventure

  1. You’ve some wonderful images here … I wish I lived by the sea at the best of times but you make me long for the sounds of gulls crying and waves breaking gently on the shore. Which is probably an over lyrical response … guess I got carried away too!

    • You paint a good picture! The waves aren’t breaking quite so gently this eve. Not so great for a ferry ride home, but worth it!