A Few Small Moments

Front wheel on the pier and looking up at autumn leaves

Taking my own advice, some of the little moments I’ve been enjoying:

  • wet spray over the seawall whilst cycling along Colwell Bay
  • fresh air and rolled down windows as we roar along to Mr November
  • sea as still as a millpond as we scramble over rocks around the headland
  • deep mud sucking at our boots mid-hop through quagmired fields
  • pure golden light across the canopy of Parkhurst Forest on an evening ride

6 thoughts on “A Few Small Moments

  1. Hi Bry. I hope that you and Tom can always remember these fun, impromptu times. As you grow older hopefully you will continue to cultivate shared expireances.
    :) Jeff

  2. I love your photos, they look magical! Living on an island must be a great adventure – I really miss living by the sea. The fresh, crisp air, the seagulls, taking barefoot walks, …