Dimbola Lodge

Once I hit Friday afternoon, sat on the couch after work with a cup of tea, I’m pretty disinclined towards anything very busy. Saturdays are best for pubs and parties, after a day with no alarm clock, a lazy brunch, and plenty of fresh air. Fridays are made for a quiet pint and a bit of peace, after a week of early starts, rushed mornings and too much time in front of a computer.

So, last night’s Shhh club was ideal Friday night fare. My favourite Freshwater spot, Dimbola Lodge, transformed it’s cafe in to a cosy bar, complete with candles, cushions, and Campo Viejo. Friendly faces and free run of the house’s exhibitions in the interval made this the perfect setting for an evening of quiet instruments and beautiful voices.

Angelina Grimshaw‘s resonant voice and accompanying mandolin filled the place with visions of almond blossom and passing trains, while Puzzle Muteson‘s mournful voice and perfect finger picking richly deserved the appreciative hush of this quiet audience. Truthfully, it was the promise of Mary Hampton that got me off the couch that afternoon. Her songs are a beautiful mix of 14th century poems, previously unheard gospel songs and lines of Emily Dickinson. Her guitar playing is always wonderful to listen to, but her a capella offerings were heaven in this still small space. I can think of no better way to end a busy week than with a bit of hush.

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