How Instagram Keeps Me Running

Rusty silhouetted jumping

Ooh, these days have got dark and stormy. And cold! That duvet is too luscious to leave behind in the morning; and the couch beckons the moment I turn the key at the end of the day.

So, any extra boosts to get me outdoors are welcome. There’s lots out there: keep track of numbers on Strava, or get some awesome gear. But after discovering Joelix’s Instagram feed, I realised that the funnest way is to give yourself a hashtag.

Screenshot of #rusty_runs hashtag on Instagram

Judith’s #joelixruns series is a fantastically colourful way to track runs. My streets (and shoes) aren’t quite as colourful, but I love the idea so have got snapping my own feet (and tagged many of Tom’s photos. After all, he is my biggest motivation for running.)

Looking down at muddy running shoes

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