Knitting for the Chill

Three conkers in Bryony's hand

There is a distinct snap in the air today: a chilly wind and an almost-frost.  I finished these mitts off in the nick of time.  This pair have been hanging around on the needles since last winter (after all, who wants to knit something they’ll have no reason to wear in the heat of summer?) so I only had one cuff and a thumb to polish off in time for the October chill.

I abandoned the pattern after I decided I had to use this tweed yarn that was much skinnier than what was advised.  So they’re a little tight, and the thumbs spent last night being stretched out by a carrot.  Not a very stylish beginning, but these are everyday gloves- perfect for chucking on when it’s chilly, with no delusions of grandeur.  I’d really love to knit some fair isle but for now my fumbling fingers will have to settle for standard stripes.  I am revelling in some chilly days and a excuse to wear a newly finished project.

2 thoughts on “Knitting for the Chill

  1. Haha! Stretching the thumb out with a carrot – what a brilliantly resourceful idea! – I too dream of a bit of fair isle knit…one day it will be conquered! :)

    • I like your optimism! Let me know if you find any good fair isle tips. And the carrot worked surprisingly well. Next I might need to stretch the top cuff a bit with an apple or a marrow!