Books, Bikes, and Bread

Dawes bike against a fence at Newtown Creek, Isle of Wight

There are so many good things that begin with the letter B: bacon sandwiches, beach walks and bumble bees, to name a few.  Tom and I spent far too much time adding to this list, but there really are a lot of good B words!  No matter the length of the list, the top three remain the same: books, bikes, and bread.  What could be better than working up an appetite with a whizz around on your bike, followed by a slice of hot buttered toast and a good read?

Book shelves and book stacks photo collage

We filled our weekend with all three, riding out to a photography exhibition at Dimbola Lodge, finishing off some recent reads, and baking a buttery banana bread.  There are no photos of the banana bread.. it seemed far more important to simply dive in and eat it.

Do you have any B words to add to the list, or suggestions of another letter I have seriously overlooked?

3 thoughts on “Books, Bikes, and Bread

  1. ah B is a fine letter indeed.
    I have a toddler so ball has to be on the list as well as biscuits, bubbles and ”My Dadda Brilliant”, one of his favourite bedtime books of the moment.