Christmas Crafting

Craft bag on a chair

I know it’s early guys, but really, it’s not that early.  Autumn is here in its full-on, golden richness and I’ve just got back in the mood to start knitting.  I was busy thinking about my favourite colours and what selfish knitting I might start next when an eager friend told me she’d already done lots of her Christmas shopping.  If it hadn’t been for her, I’d have bought that mound of burgundy wool I was planning for myself.  But instead, I’m getting my Christmas craft on.

I love making Christmas gifts of any sort: baking, drawing, stitching, brewing..  It gets me in the holiday spirit.  It’s a little early to go gung-ho on the festive cheer, even for me.  But I’m enjoying spending a little more time over some presents and being ahead of my usual November’s-end frantic rush .

Choose carefully to whom you give these made-with-love presents.  Some people are strangely bah-humbug about homemade, and no one wants that putdown all over their parcel.  But if you can find someone who delights in your creativity and appreciates your time more than your wallet, then you’ve found a worthy candidate.  Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. I love home made gifts and used to enjoy making them pre-baby. I had a heavy heart last year when I had to buy all my presents and I don’t think this year will be any better! I shall have to head off to some craft markets and buy someone elses hand made wares.