Why I Run

Several years after first donning trainers I’m finally happy to call myself a runner without giggling at the very thought. Sure, I could be faster, go farther and simply get out there more often, but I don’t feel such a fraud for trying. So, in the spirit of all the new year fitness talk out there, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things about running.

It’s quick. You can be out of the house for under half an hour and still feel like you’ve achieved something great.

It kickstarts the day. Sitting down at my desk in the morning feels far better if I’ve already been out pounding pavements.

It’s outside. Fresh air beats the smell of stale gym sweat. The beauty of nature distracts from the exhaustion and when you’re really pooped you can stop to just soak it all in.

It’s an easy adventure. In these winter months, splashing through puddles and careering across soggy fields, you are guaranteed to return home covered in mud. So, even a short distance feels like an adventure. Sometimes I like stopping at the supermarket on my way home, just to revel in my muddiness amongst all the people in their bundled layers. What’s the fun in running if you can’t share it?!

It feels good. Humans can’t fly, but this is the next best thing.

With thanks, as always, to Tom for the photos.


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