The USB Typewriter

I know I’m not alone in loving old typewriters.  Their sturdy chunkiness instills confidence and a sense of permanence.  I like the idea of typing away on one of these old beauties, but there’s no getting around the fact that I’ve gone digital (despite my many protestations!)  So, when I came across this post from Etsy, I fell in love with Jack’s idea, and his desire to work with typewriters and “adapt them for modern conditions so that they can have a chance at survival.”  This item is firmly on my wishlist.  What do you think of it?

1 thoughts on “The USB Typewriter

  1. Hi there, I have popped over here via Housewife Confidential. This post means a lot to me because my Grandad was a typewriter mechanic. He worked for himself in his garage that was full of tiny spare parts and the smell of meths. Luckily for my Grandad, he retired at just about the right time, around the early to mid 8o’s. Things were just starting to go electric and schools were clearing out their typing classrooms (can you remember them, I can, just). Hope you get your wish. If you ever need a tiny oil can to lubricate the parts, I’ve got my Grandad’s.