Pen & ink

Fountain pen on pad of paper

If I’m honest, I’m a bit of a show-off about my typing.  I love being super-speedy, hearing the efficient rattle of pressed keys at a rate that keeps up with my talking out loud (which I tell myself is not crazy; and while we’re at it, neither is talking back at the radio..)   Typing has the fresh, clean-edged feel of Getting Stuff Done.

But it could never compete with putting pen to paper.  I love the easy pen-in-your-pocket freedom, no need for chargers and no worries about sand in the keys or coffee on the screen.  I’m a hoarder of notebooks, a scrappy scribbler and incessant list-maker.  Tom reminded me today that ‘writing it down is not the same as doing it’, but in my head it’s halfway there.  There’s a certain magic to a well-timed scribble.  And it’s a lot harder to doodle on a to-do list trapped in a screen.

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