Messy pieces


After years of spilling boxes of pins and cursing my lack of a pincushion I’ve finally got around to rectifying the situation.  Years of procrastinating resulted in only minutes of stitching.  I’ve spent longer digging pins out of the carpet than I did making this; I probably should have got around to it a little sooner.  But, I am a procrastinator and these fabrics have been sat in a pile on my desk for over a month.

So today I threw out the tape measure and rotary cutter in favour of wonky lines and speedy completion.  I love the haphazard appearance of Denys Schmidt‘s designs, although I suspect her patterns are a result of a little more planning than this.  A little order and tidiness is great at times, but there is also a lot to be said for a project that is finished in the time it takes to bake banana muffins.

2 thoughts on “Messy pieces

  1. This looks great – I am (still ) decluttering – took your KnitWits advice and Sally from the veg shop kindly got shot of all the wool for me :0)

    • I thought that might be your collection, when I saw Sallie and Sharon divvying up a bag of goodies last Tuesday!