Where road bikes fear to tread

Bryony cycling on Freshwater Down

I’m a big fan of skinny tyres.  I love the easy momentum and smooth sweeping curve of a well-paved road.  Tom’s more of an all-terrain tourer, with his tough Dawes touring bike and plenitude of gears.  He’s always suggesting detours down  bridleways or old byways and there is only so many times I can put him off with mumbles of punctures and bent spokes.

So, this is how I found myself taking my precious Pinarello way beyond it’s comfort zone, up over the Downs above Freshwater Bay.  Turns out, heading up steep hills over grass and rocks is hard work on a racer, and not a little precarious.  But the views at the top were worth it, and Tom and his bike were in their element.  My skinny tyres faired pretty well; no punctures today.  Who says road bikes are only for the road, eh?!

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