Autumn Paper & Pens

Autumn stationery

It is less than a week until I start my new job, so you can imagine the scenario: excited, nervous and wired, with lots of goodbyes and frantic to do lists. So, obviously, the best response is to get stationery sorted.

I’m pretty keen on paper and pens, and there’s nothing like some good kit to sort out a case of new job nerves. So, with this in mind, I’ve been busy getting the essentials.

  1. New diary. I caved in to Moleskine with this 18 month one. A good slimline size, with tons of lovely smooth paper and pages of essential useless information. Now I know that it takes 13 hours to fly from Johannesburg to Stockholm, and that 261 is the dialling code for Madagascar.)
  2. Pencil. I bought this in a little shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés this summer. (Yes, this phrase is what makes this pencil great.)
  3. Tiny notebook. It doesn’t matter how many ‘notes’ apps I put on my phone, nothing beats a proper notebook. And it is essential for contributions to #tinynotebookclub.
  4. Zip case. I don’t seem to get tired of sewing these (again and again.) I’m always pleased with myself when I manage to sew a zipper without breaking my machine.
  5. Ok, yes, I may also have bought myself a new bag. Absolutely essential, of course!

So, this time next week I’ll be commuting by boat and organising plenty of meetings, with the right stationery for the job. It’s the small things that matter!

3 thoughts on “Autumn Paper & Pens

  1. hi there.

    i think i would get a new job just for the excuse of new stationary…

    enjoying your recent outdoor photos and autumn to do list.