Pencils please!

Last year I gave Tom this pencil case for his birthday.  I’m pleased to see it get plenty of use, and find myself regularly pinching things from it.


There is no doubt, a pencil case is a useful thing, and yet for years I’ve languished in a muddled mess of digging around in the bottom of bags or sheepishly borrowing biros from strangers.  For someone with a long-standing love of all things pencil&paper, I have a funny way of showing it.  Today, with rain clouds looming, and every excuse to stay indoors, I set about remedying my state of inky limbo.

This was made thanks to another easy pattern courtesy of design*sponge.  Honestly, it took me longer to uncover my sewing machine from the mess of my desk than it did to stitch this up.  I now have renewed vows to keep the study tidy so that I spend more time stitching and making, than clearing and tidying.

Tomorrow I’m headed outside.  Sunshine is promised and Tom and I have had the map spread out on the floor, planning long routes and pub stops.  The camera will be packed, along with plenty to eat.  And maybe this time I’ll take some pencils too.

4 thoughts on “Pencils please!

  1. Such a simple humble thing, the pencil case. I’m a graphic designer by trade but do you think I own one? Nope! I too am always rummaging around in the bottom of my bag or borrowing one. I think I ought to take a leaf out of your book and get stitching. I love the ‘POW’ one!

  2. Marlene West on said:

    SWEET! We all can take a lesson. What a cute bag. Enjoy a lovely SUNNY day riding, picnicing and visiting what I consider ‘some of England’s finest.’ XO G’ma

  3. The one thing that all stationery lovers need? A pencil case (or even lots of them). I lose things easily, so a pencil case solves most of my stationery problems. And they have to be bright and colourful; otherwise I might start neglecting it!