Tom has been at it again, exploring new corners of the Island and tree-spotting.  On this walk to Quarr, he came across a fellow tree-lover..

This squirrel is the closest I’m getting to anything red on this 14th of Feb.  Tom and I are meeting for a date after work tomorrow and trying out a new country pub.  Any date of the year is special with him .)

5 thoughts on “Trees

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Bryony, Bob and I so enjoy your blog. Love the tree things. The squirrel. Love that you and Tom are so aware of natural things.

  2. Oh wow. You still get red squirrels in the Isle of Wight! How lovely. I thought they had all been duffed up by the grey ones!

    • Yup, it’s great to have red squirrels. Those grey ones are definitely unwelcome bruisers- we have a Grey Squirrel Reporting Hotline!