Tom: World Explorer

Happily, living with Tom means that my head is often filled with incidental knowledge and new ideas.  Whether it’s over a strong brew, or walking up a hill, Tom is always sharing the best bits from a recent read, or his latest classroom topic.  This term’s topic on plants had us exploring woodland and looking at beautiful books, whilst the last classroom space exploration had us looking up at the stars and thinking big.  I have been the subject of many mini maths lessons (and I think I finally get fractions!) and my dad’s Christmas present had confusion on particle physics whizzing round our home.  Tom has so much enthusiasm for learning; and I’m so glad I get to share it with him.

Tom returned from his Hook Court field trip on Friday, with talk of rockets, aquaducts and balloon races.  Whilst I was at home by the fire, he was attending tudor banquets, ghost walks and snowball fights.  His return filled our heads with plans for adventure and endeavour, which I can’t wait to begin.  Tom is a world explorer; and I’m so happy I get to be his travelling companion.

I love my guy!

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