Seaside Bloggers: collaborating

Holding an iPhone up to take a photo

I’m writing this to you now, but I’d far rather sit over a cup of tea and tell you all about it. The instant connection of talking face to face is hard to recreate through a screen. But, I love sharing my corner of the world and hearing about yours. Whether it’s a good read, or an average day, it’s those little connections across the miles that add to the joy of writing.

Blogging is a distillation of what’s important to us, and a chance to share those passions. If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know I’m a seaside dweller through and through.  I love the summer holiday colours (bright plastic buckets, raspberry sauce on a Mr Whippy) as much as the moody winter storms (seaweed churning under roiling depths, wind whipping your hair).

Boats at sunrise

I know I’m not alone in this.  With 217,490 miles of coastline on this little blue planet, a lot of people must be seaside dwellers; or close enough to run away to the edge of the land when the moment calls for a few lungfuls of that salty air.  I’d like to share some of those moments- give a glimpse of different slices of sea, and hear from those who love it.

A few of my favourite bloggers are busy writing for my new Seaside Bloggers guest series.  If you have a favourite coastal spot, from whichever corner of the big blue expanse, I’d love to hear about it. Do send me an email. I can’t wait to share some different coastal perspectives!

Looking out to see at the Royal Yacht Squadron, Isle of Wight

5 thoughts on “Seaside Bloggers: collaborating

  1. Hello to you! I too am a rock chomping, sand loving seaside dweller – down in oft misunderstood Torquay.

    Love the idea of a seaside collaboration (as a nation we seem to be far too city focussed which is completely criminal when we have so much marine beauty on our doorsteps.
    I do love the seaside but I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to write anything about gulls (sea or otherwise)…

    Over and out!
    M x

  2. While I wish with all my heart and soul that I was a seaside dweller, I am (for now) city-bound. I am looking forward to get a good dose of coastal life with your new feature!

  3. Karen on said:

    I live by the sea in Sussex and would hate to live anywhere inland where I couldn’t wander down to the shore at the end of the day. It can become a little noisy in the summer holidays but then thats people enjoying themselves and bringing life to our little town. I am really looking forward to reading your seaside blogger posts.