The sea, the sea

I’m not sure I could ever move inland.  There’s something about being able to see the edge of the land, and the big blue expanse beyond that is somehow settling.  In the past, when I lived amongst the hills, or in the city, I would catch myself wondering what was beyond the horizon, like I hadn’t quite made it.

I’ve never got tired of turning round the corner on my journey home to see the sea stretch beyond.  Whether it be an evening ride along the sea front, or a weekend walk on the clifftops; whichever part of the coast, and whatever the activity,  I just love living by the sea!

1 thoughts on “The sea, the sea

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Bryony, That is SO beautifully put. I so get it. We each, in our own way, resonate strongly with where we grew up, I think. You have really helped answer a small dilemma I have pondered so often over time: I do enjoy looking at the sea, even living near it, but am much happier inland. Isn’t diversity grand?!!
    Love, G’ma