Meaning to go on as I started

I’ve always kept notebooks, since I was a little kid. My Grama’s journals fascinated me as a child, her loopy writing (illegible to my primary school eyes) rapidly filling up the pages of her boardback notebooks. When visiting, I would insist that she wake me up early so I could go with her to the local coffee shop and write. Armed with my pop-out butterfly notebook I sat with my smoothie, filled with the self-importance of a seven-year old out on a creative mission with her Grama. I would always finished long before her, but was happy to sit and look around. Since then, writing and people-watching has never lost its appeal.

Part of this habit has stemmed from a love of stationery. When other girls in my class were collecting teddy bears, I was mooning over pens and paper. I still can’t pass up a pretty notebook, and always have several on the go at once. From shopping lists, to sewing templates, to do’s and today…’s. Every day goes by so quickly, this is my way to hold on to a little more of it. It can be fun to flick through and read a past page or two, but I don’t write to return to it later. I write to remember it now, to slow down, notice the details and make some clumsy attempt at saving it all. So, with this electronic notebook I am starting as I mean to go on, or rather, meaning to go on as I started many years ago: to save some moments and share the pictures.

2 thoughts on “Meaning to go on as I started

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Darling Bryony, How fun to remember these times with you. And we are STILL doing it. Good habits die hard.

  2. I don’t have the discipline to keep a proper journal and the sight of blank pages where I haven’t filled anything in make me feel somehow guilty! That’s why a blog is the ideal journal – to dip in and out of as and when one has something worthwhile or otherwise to say…