Foxes and Bombers: June Reads

Life after Life book on table

It’s been another busy month of distractions, but I’ve been saved by two good reads that have kept my mind occupied.  I never knew a Kate Atkinson that I didn’t love, and Life After Life exceeded all promise. Ursula is a wonderful character, and I was amazed at the seamless way Atkinson weaved together lives that are different but the same.  Go and read it; it really does live up to the hype, and chances are someone you know will have a copy.

I’m currently reading The Passage. Very different from Atkinson (what with the vampires and futuristic viruses) but equally captivating.  It’s well-written pulp fiction that reads like a movie.  I’m obviously not the first person to think this as it’ll be coming out it in celluloid before long.

One of my favourite things about reading is wandering round the house and gathering a pile of books that a might read next.  I’m still far too engrossed in Cronin’s California adventure to choose my next book.  No doubt I’ll get some inspiration from Laura’s linkup on #theyearinbooks.

2 thoughts on “Foxes and Bombers: June Reads

  1. I LOVED The Passage! Have already read The Twelve, and can’t wait for City of Mirrors to come out later this year. Although I don’t think I will be watching the film when it comes out – I’m sure it will be far too scary for me!