California Dreaming

Rusty and Marlene in a rickshaw

I’m headed to California this summer, to spend time hanging out with my most awesome American Grama. She has inspired my writing and my yoga, she’s responsible for my most favourite Christmas read, and she even taught me how to blow bubble gum.

She is also my most faithful reader. She often writes intricate emails in reply to my posts, filled with snapshots of her life, like the literary Instagram of an octogenarian. I love how we stay connected, even though we are 5,233 miles apart.

Yosemite view

Rusty cycling with Trinidad Head in the background

I’m so excited to return home to Humboldt, with it’s foggy coast, tall redwoods, and long nose trucks. Not to mention the fact that these guys really know how to do brunch. I’m already drooling at the thought of pancakes at Mama’s when Mum and I first arrive in San Francisco.

Brunch stop

A fortnight of yoga, knitting, and blackberry picking, and visiting all the places I knew as a littlun. I can’t wait to get three generations of girls together for a proper laugh, as we’ve been doing for the last 31 years.

Rusty, Wendy and Marlene

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