Last Light

Last light photo collage

Aren’t these long days just delicious?! We were up at (almost) first light and out for the last of it- topping and tailing the longest day of the year with some midsummer wanderings.

We’ve had some of that very rare British weather, when it’s worth retreating from the midday heat, to find some shade in which to sit and do very little.  Fortunately, I have a very exciting read to keep me occupied (more on that later) and a big hat that is only practical if you’re doing absolutely nothing in it.

So the evenings are ours to explore beyond the shade of the back garden: soaking up the last of the day and enjoying the novelty of being out past ten with the light still lingering in the sky.

I don’t want these long days to end, and I hate to even think that we’re now on the shortening curve back to midwinter darkness.  But, as always, once they get here I’ll be revelling in wood fires and woolly jumpers.  For now, we’ve still got plenty of time to make the most of these long, hot days, and stay up past our bedtime.

Last light photo collage

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