1 Day 12 Pics: June

Thunder, bonsai, books and coffee photo collage

You’d never usually catch me doing so much snapping on a typical Saturday. But Emma and Michelle’s challenge had me pulling out my phone every hour to catch bit of what Tom and I were up to.

We woke up to an incredible thunderstorm- rain hammering down and clouds rumbling; an appropriate setting for the moment we discovered we were out of coffee…

Tom ran through the rain and I met him at Olivo’s for breakfast.  Seriously good food: scrambled duck egg, black pudding and apple fritters, and ciabatta toast.  There was plenty of coffee.

1 Day 4 Pics photo collage

Back home, I finally started tackling the big pile of books in the loft.  You might have noticed on Pinterest that I’ve been having lofty dreams for a while. This is just the beginning of a big job. I’ve taken a ‘before’ picture in the optimistic anticipation of sharing an ‘after’ before too long.

The sun came out and I spent the afternoon gardening and running errands.  I love an excuse to take the chain ferry, and picking up goodies for a picnic seems as good an excuse as any.

Hand, boat, buttercup and sunset photo collage

We spent the last hours of the day exploring the forest and waterways of Newtown.  We found a path we’d never explored, leading to a tiny bird hide perched out on the water of Clamerkin Lake.  There are still so many places on this Island that I’ve yet to find.

I loved this photography challenge. It made me really aware of every hour in the typical kind of day that can fly by in a blur. It had me noticing more moments, and look for the beauty in them. I hope you’ll join in for July!

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