Grey to green

Cowes on a Sunday morning

We had heavy rain overnight and woke to grey foreboding skies.  I was envisaging a day spent with tea and a book and quickly got to some baking.  But no sooner had the caramel set than the sun came out.  Just in time for a mini adventure to a favourite spot before tea.

Sign for Newtown Harbour Walk

Photo collage of Newtown Meadow, Isle of Wight

Boats in Newtown Harbour

West along the coast from where we live is Newtown, a little one road hamlet with a history of far greater things.  In the fourteenth century it was a thriving community, and there remain reminders of its ancient past, in the old salt pans, the ‘Francheville’ town sign, and the beautifully restored old town hall.  But now it feels like a perfect backwater, with the harbour walk being the main event, and lending  itself to nothing more than a quiet meander.

Photo collage of Newtown Meadow, Isle of Wight

In this summer wind the meadows were alive with butterflies and blossoms and the quiet rushing of leaves.  A perfect quiet Sunday wander, and home in time to add the chocolate layer to these homemade twix bars.  Yum.

Caramel slice on a plate

3 thoughts on “Grey to green

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Boy! do those Twix bars look good. Please make them while I’m there. (And it won’t be long!!