Monday morning

After the traffic chaos from this weekend’s festival, today seemed a good day to commute by bicycle. My route takes me across a chain ferry, up an estuary, down a steep wooded valley, across a creek, through a copse, and up a down.

I’d love to share more photos of it with you, but I have a pathological inability to apply the brakes on a descent. So, here are some of the flatter parts my journey..

Brocks Copse Road, Whippingham Isle of Wight




Many of the roads were closed in anticipation of the festival traffic, so it was just me and some other pedalling commuters, in a utopian post-petrol dream.

In the winter the early morning start feels crisp and new, but at this time of year 7am feels late to the party. Despite this, there was still a red squirrel, several buzzards and a general cacophony of birdsong, accompanied by the scent of honeysuckle, wet grass and pine needles.

Not a bad way to start the day.

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