A little piece of June

Single rose in a cup

reading Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke. Lost in a world of ships, opium and rare plants in nineteenth century China.

listening to James Yorkston (and excited to see him again at tomorrow’s gig)

buying too many books. Must stop book browsing and start reading. New Oxfam bookstore opening in town does not help!

loving holiday planning! Off to the Lake District for the first time. Guide book gives the Eskdale Valley full marks for hiking, scenery and beer. Count me in, whatever the weather..

2 thoughts on “A little piece of June

    • I read Sea of Poppies a few months ago (I’m far too particular to be able to start a trilogy halfway through!!) and loved it- fantastic characters, such a variety of stories. It really stuck with me, so I was excited to read the second! Not getting through it at quite such a pace. I would certainly recommend first- one of my reads of the year so far!