The trials of Island living

Red Funnel ferry from the Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes

Yesterday we reluctantly watched the Red Funnel ferry depart without us, and with it, our plans to see James Yorkston & The Athletes’ 10th Anniversary performance of Moving Up Country.  A midday mechanical failure on one of the ships was still causing chaos in East Cowes by late afternoon and our ferry was so delayed we couldn’t make it to the gig that I was so excited about.

The ferry’s aren’t having a good time of it, what with this plus last week’s festival traffic chaos.  And so ensues the usual rants about what a ‘nightmare’ it is being ‘trapped’ on an island, beholden to unpredictable and expensive boat travel, and in need of a fixed link.  The woman behind me in the queue yesterday was keen to tell everyone that she’d lived on the Isle of Wight for “five impossible years” and now she was moving away and couldn’t wait to leave.  I’m sure she’ll be far happier Up Mainland.

But, for me these few ferry fiascos don’t come near to the more common travel trials of motorway traffic, noisy aeroplane flight paths, and trains stuffed full of commuters.  I’d rather miss the odd gig, and console myself with a walk along the beach, or a beer on the seafront.  Half the charm of this place is its slow pace, haphazard muddles and ‘behind the times’ inefficiencies.  Maddening and comforting in equal measure.

Gurnard, Isle of Wight at sunset

3 thoughts on “The trials of Island living

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Bob and I totally AGREE with you, Bryony! Let those silly ‘city slickers’ have their dastardly modernities; we’ll take the ole way anytime. Xo G’ma

  2. NOTHING would persuade me to move back to London – I’ve lived here for 10 years and apart from the odd ferry nightmare (which are pretty few and far between really – but bad luck on your non gig) and the festival glitch, it’s the most fabulous place to live. And for those who don’t want to be here – stop moaning and move!!!

    • I agree Amber! I found living in London pretty claustrophobic. Great to visit, but after a few days I’m happy to return home.