Meet Rolo the Rescue Mutt

Rolo the dog's paws

We have been With Mutt in this house for a week now. I’ve been failing to write this post for seven days due to the endlessly delightful distraction that is watching Rolo find his feet in his new home. We’ve revelled in sunny spring days with maximum outdoor time, plenty of snoozes, and more running around in the garden than I’ve done in ten years.

Rolo the dog

I have longed to have a dog for as long as I can remember. The beginning of my new work, based at home, finally made it possible. There’s no way that starting a new business and getting a new dog at the same time is a bad idea, right?! (I like a challenge;) Both work and mutt have been plans long in the making (you’ll spot it in my Alphabet Year list) and I’m so excited they’re both finally happening!

Rusty running with Rolo

I knew we would love having a dog, so have been wilfully ignorant of all the many inconveniences attached. It turns out I don’t mind that sunrise walk round the block and have accepted the hair with the graceful purchase of a lint roller. The need to sweep often is counterbalanced by the fact I never need clear up dropped crumbs again.

Not much is known about his early days before he arrived at the collie rescue centre. We are all having to be gentle and patient with each other. His ears are starting to perk up and he’s trailing us around the house a little less than before. We’re enjoying figuring each other out in these early days. Huge thanks go to Jen from Inky Collective for all the advice and reassurance.

Tom and Rolo in the woods

I think D is my favourite letter of the alphabet year so far.)

Meanwhile, I’m reading these lovely blogs for some dog day delights: Michelle, Freya, and Jenny.

14 thoughts on “Meet Rolo the Rescue Mutt

  1. Rolo is a handsome devil! Those eyes!
    They turn your little world entirely on it’s and once you readjust I don’t think you’ll mind a bit – and he looks intelligent, he’ll be doing the dishes before too long.
    Super duper good luck with the new venture too, double excitement chez vous.
    M x

    • I know right? And not just the eyes, it’s those eyebrows! I have to say your adorable puppies had me googling the working cocker rescue centre. They seem a gorgeous breed, and perfect for beachy walks (but what dog isn’t?!)

  2. Hey Rolo you absolutely adorable nutty boy, its very quiet without you now at the rescue but you look like you,re having a great new life and i,m sure you,re not missing us too much. A huge thank you for taking this wonderful boy into your heart and home xxx michelle
    The Border Collie Spot

  3. Rolo is just gorgeous – getting our rescue pup was the best thing we did, wishing you a happy future as pet parents! x

  4. I could not imagine life without Pip in it now, she is my favourite thing in all the world. Now if she could just learn to make her own food, let herself out for a wee, walk herself, chill out on the sofa, watch TV, so that we can go away for a weekend without having to bribe friends with pizza and alcohol for ‘Pip sitting,’ that would be great :)

    That said, it very rarely happens that we go anywhere Pip can’t come along too. She’s the best decision we ever made!! Enjoy Rolo, the handsome chappie xx

    • Pip seems such a sweetheart. I think lots of our trips will be dog-friendly. I’m looking forward to the days when he’ll be well-behaved enough to come to the pub after a country walk.

  5. Oh wishing you so much fun with Rolo, perfect for the outdoor life you lead, he’s a lucky dog.
    I cant imagine life without my pup, he adds so much to my life, perfect companion.
    Happy weekend, Xx

    • Thank you! It’s been lovely to hear of so many online friends who also have dogs. I guess I just hadn’t noticed until I started looking!

  6. What a gorgeous dog! My mum and dad’s dog is called Rolo too – great name :) We have loved every minute of having a dog (she’s 8 months now) and despite the hairs, the few accidents on the carpet and the early wake up calls we wouldn’t change a thing! x

    • What a funny coincidence! I heard that some people rename their rescue dogs, but somehow this one just seems to fit him. I know just what you mean about the early wake up calls – I don’t mind them at all (though I am glad we didn’t get him in January. That would be a rude introduction to the new routine!)

    • Thanks Louisa. The name seems a good one for him. I was glad to be relieved of the burden of choosing it myself!