Life Lately

Old Raleigh road bike with pannier

Rusty skateboarding photo collage

It’s been a mad march; haring around, sorting a million and one things. We have so much change and excitement coming up. This, my first Saturday close to home in weeks, was dedicated to pootling around with Tom and feeling the (cold damp!) wind in my hair.

Wall art photo collage

Sunday was a rare DIY day, complete with painting, sanding and drilling. We’re getting ready for holidays, last work days and a possible new houseguest.

Soon I’ll have much more time to spend writing and catching up with the lovely creative blogosphere. Michelle, Kat and Kathleen have all been inspiring me to write more and strive to create a beautiful web space of my own. Do you have any other reading suggestions to inspire?

View from Red Funnel out West

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