Two Stars and a Wish

Wood anemone flower

Oh hello Spring! Every day of blustery blue skies feels full of potential as my self-employed time stretches before me. I have visions of days filled with yoga, home-cooked lunches, leisurely walks and afternoon naps. Secretly I know it won’t be nearly so idyllic, but a girl can dream.

I’m excited to have time to blog and share a few more fresh air adventures. I’ve been doodling a redesign and thinking through what I really want to write about. It would be even better if it also fits with what you want to read about!

In Tom’s early teaching days he introduced ‘two stars and a wish’ with his class: two good things, and one thing to improve. I loved the perfect simplicity of it and have used it ever since. I don’t care if it’s intended for six year olds, it still applies to a movie review, a meal out, or a recent read.

Could you give Rusty Rambles the same? What are the two things that keep you reading and what do you wish was different? Blogging is a strange mix of complete isolation and infinite camaraderie. So many of you read and yet I don’t know why! So I’m calling out for a dose of that community spirit. Say hello, tweet or leave a comment. I’d love to know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Two Stars and a Wish

  1. I love your writing style and the fact that we get a little peep into your life and get to join you for a moment or two on your adventures. Your photographs are also fab and site is beautiful.
    I’m pretty new to blogging and it’s great to get inspiration from others. I was only thinking this morning that it I should ask my readers what they think and then I saw this post!
    I can’t think of a wish bit really, I would say keep doing what you are!
    Will be interested to see what others think too.
    Happy Blogging

    • So glad to hear you’re blogging too. It is certainly addictive. Thank you for the feedback and encouragement. I have Tom and Alec to thank for the photos and site.)

  2. Marla on said:

    Rusty Rambles inspires me to open to new things and appreciate what’s ongoing and enduring. Love the ‘alphabet,’ the variety, the personal, it’s enchanting.

  3. Jake Packham on said:

    I live in a city now, and am working different hours to my beloved. I like your countryside walks and the odd mentions of Tom’s sport. The are the two things you already do, that cheer me up.
    The wish, would be the odd mention of places where I know the breezes, like Tennyson Down or East Cowes Front.

  4. karen on said:

    I enjoy everything you write as we obviously like the same things. I think tales of your days and adventures will keep us all reading.