Yoga Anywhere

Rusty pulling a move on a path

I love to stretch, but it’s easy to lose the time to do it. If I have even a two-day yoga streak I feel ridiculously full of sunshine and wholesome goodness. Even ten minutes; why is it so hard to find that time? I’d like to set up my Pinterest app to say “Go away and don’t come back until you’ve done a sun salute.”

Rusty and yoga photo collage

When I’m outside under a tree, or on a hill, that’s when a little bit of yoga feels a good idea. It isn’t proper practice, but it is good fun. I’d like to learn this non-stop standing flow for those moments.

Eriz Motz’s thirty day challenge had me ‘namaste’ing at my ipad screen every day, and now she’s teamed up with Andy Zoltan to produce a seriously slick online yoga platform. After much anticipation, MyYogaPro has gone live and got me practising. These longer summer days seem a good place to search for those daily ten minutes. If for no other reason than to do a better balance on the harbour wall.

Rusty striking a pose at Newtown

Low tide at Newtown, Isle of Wight

6 thoughts on “Yoga Anywhere

  1. Wow what gorgeous photos – you certainly have some gorgeous spots for a little impromptu yoga! It makes me think I must try it again, I did pregnancy yoga when I was expecting Elma and just loved it, but it’s rather fallen by the wayside since – maybe time to pick it up again in a couple of months!

    • It’s so hard to find the time, I’m seriously impressed if you manage any with littluns around!

  2. Despite several attempts, yoga and I have never gotten on as well as I’d like. My body may be very bendy, but it does not like taking a foot off the ground. (I like to think that I’m at one with the earth to make me feel better for my lack of balance.) You look so serene in the first photograph–tres jealous! Hope you manage to squeeze in some more practice somewhere gorgeous xx