Travelling by Train

Coffee cup and book on the train

I set out early this morning for my seven hour journey to Manchester.  The taxi driver asked why I had chosen to travel four hours by train, rather than forty minutes by plane.  Quite honestly, the thought hadn’t occurred to me.

I relish a long train journey.  Why would I swap a gallop through the countryside for an ear-aching descent through the sky?  Give me a window seat to watch the countryside zip past, and I’ll happily drift off watching the clouds up above me.  I like the slow move from familiar country to new terrain, its steady shift through rolling green farmland, old brick industries and silversharp complexes.

I had plans to knit, listen to podcasts and have a good long nap.  But with a new book and renewed appreciation for my old ipod with it’s long battery life, I didn’t get round to any of it.  Those new mittens and Radio 4 catchup will just have to wait for another day.  Perhaps the journey back…

Photo collage of train travel

14 thoughts on “Travelling by Train

  1. You really can’t beat a long train journey. There is something in preparing for your trip, finding that perfect seat and allowing yourself that indulgent time for yourself. Especially with that just right soundtrack as you watch the world outside fly by.
    I hope you remembered your picnic : )


  2. I always have SUCH grand plans for train travel…
    Without fail I nod off within seconds and wake up feeling a bit groggy and disoriented (normally with someone pointing out the dribble on my chin!) But once that bit’s over, there’s something fabulous about having a bit of time where you’re confined and just forced to ‘be’.
    Good luck with mitten knitting on the way back though, as long as you’re not sharing the seat :o)
    M x

  3. Oh I read the first in that series recently and really enjoyed it. I may get the chance to travel to Cornwall by train alone later this year. As a mum of small children all that time sounds amazing!

  4. Totally agree. I am looking forward to our day-trip to Venice on Wednesday where I’ll have four hours of guilt free reading to do. A very pleasant way to pass the morning.

    • I took that train years ago. Finished A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius just as we were pulling in to Trieste. Happy memories! Enjoy your travels. :)

  5. i’d really love to take more train trips this summer. i was on a train briefly in sri lanka and just twenty minutes or so was enough to inspire me to seek out train travel more often. it’s so romantic and beautiful!