A Good Bake

Chococo book next to flowers

Some cookbooks look so promising: gold covers, artsy fonts, and quirky ingredients. But then when it comes to the recipes they just don’t quite do it. They’re either too fussy, too complicated or quite simply don’t work. The pretty gold cover gathers dust and glares at you from the kitchen shelf.

Other cookbooks magically swing in to heavy rotation the moment they arrive; filled with recipes you can rely on, photos that are always tempting, and instructions that are genuinely helpful. Chococo is just such a book. It had its first outing for Alec’s birthday cake and has rarely been off the kitchen counter since.

Cookbook open next to flowers

Chococo is close to my heart since the days we started visiting their tiny sunny cafe in Swanage. I love supporting small local businesses, and it’s been fun to see how this one has thrived.

In this month of no easy sugar I’ve been baking a lot more. So far we’ve had the a double batch of chocolate cookies, the gooiest brownies and chocolate fruity flapjacks, all from this one recipe book.

And if you’re thinking this is rather a lot of chocolate for one month I will point out to you that I have had exactly no M&Ms this month, and also had banana cake and apple crumble. I know- positively healthy right?

1 thoughts on “A Good Bake

  1. Mmm…this cookbook sounds wonderful! I am trying very hard to bake less cakes (it’s amazing how often I can accidentally bake a cake) so perhaps I will just pop this on my wishlist and cross my fingers for Mothers Day?