Belated Blueberries

Bowl of blueberries on a kitchen counter

Pancake Day waited until Sunday this year. We made up for the delay with a double helping of blueberry pancakes, with the obligatory maple syrup, crispy bacon, and strong coffee. As a kid I often used to give up chocolate for this early spring gap between pancake-flipping and egg-hunting.

This weekend of sunshine has filled me with optimistic resolutions and a desire to be lounging amongst daffodils eating homemade victoria sponge , rather than haring down the motorway and stuffing a twix bar in my mouth.

So I’m swearing off sugar.  Not the kind found in delicious homemade cake (because one should never quit something so decidedly good for the soul) just the crappy convenient stuff. So, with the krispy kremes and jaffa cakes cut out of my day I expect I’ll be baking a lot more this month.  I’m already on my second batch of cookies in the last 24hrs..

Cookies and teapot

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