That Familiar Feeling

The sun through wild grass

We’ve had such a good summer of sunshine and adventures, and now September has brought with it the full force of autumn loveliness. My road to work is covered in fallen leaves and the broad avenues are shifting to a palette of auburn and gold.

It’s a world away from lazy California days, but it feels good to be back. Good to be reacquainting myself with these familiar roads, this beautiful stretch of sea and this welcome dip in the armchair.

Sea at Gurnard

September is always a flurry of newness round here. With so many of my family members working an academic calendar, in August it can often feel like I’m the only person using an alarm clock!

We’re adjusting to the new timetable, the dark morning starts, and the accelerating pace. I’m busy at home making plans for my new business. It’s a whole new world of legalities and processes: companies house, tax returns, business insurance. It can be intimidating at times, but the pure excitement of it all keeps the fear at bay.

With so much newness, I’m happy to be on my old home turf: an anchor amidst all this change, reminding me why I love to call this place home.

Seagull with union jack flag in the background


1 thoughts on “That Familiar Feeling

  1. Oh such beautiful photos, definitely very autumnal! Autumn always feels more like a new start to me than January, even years after I left academia, and it sound like it’s a new start for you too – a new business sounds very exciting!