Sunday Stitching – A New Coffee Cosy

Cut fabric pieces, notebook and pencil

This past weekend was filled with some of my favourite autumn things: leafy walks, coffee stops, dinner with family, and books by the fire. And what better way to finish off a weekend of lovely things than with a spot of sewing. You may recall I’m a stitching procrastinator and this project was no exception. Looking back over past projects, I’ve noticed this colour combo a lot. I have shelves of brightly-coloured fabrics, but seem to gravitate to the greys instead. Maybe it’s because I’m a proper grown-up? Doubt it..

So, after some hasty cutting (there’s nothing like breaking your rotary cutter to develop a love of the imprecise) and dodgy drafting (see sketches above) I stitched together a tube of fabric strips, with some batting in between, stitched some buttons on the end, and wrapped it round my coffee pot ready for my Monday morning brew.

Buttons, fabric coffee cosy and mugs

7 thoughts on “Sunday Stitching – A New Coffee Cosy

  1. Hi Bry. My compliments for your self reliance. I’m glad to hear that life is going well for you.
    :) Jeff

    • Thanks Elena. I love trying out different fabric combos. The choosing invariably takes longer than the stitching!