Lost in a Book

The Quincunx Novel

Please excuse my absence. I’ve had my head stuck in a book. Quincunx has demanded all my attention, if I am ever to get through its 1200 pages. For such a mighty tome, it rips along at a rollicking pace and is a Dickensian adventure of the very best kind. Family intrigue, murderous plots and duplicitous ‘indiwiddles’ abound.

There’s no way I would have considered reading a book of this size if it wasn’t for Scott and his social reading challenge. I’m a sucker for a target and a bit of peer pressure, especially as Tom has been reading it too. So, despite my slow reading pace, I’ve kept up and been swept along on the many fateful turns that John’s life takes.

Tom and I have spent most evenings tangled on the couch (which is, strictly speaking, just too small for two) reading our matching pages in silence, or talking over who has betrayed who, and trying to interpret the various lineage and family feuds. This is a great read to chew on by the fire, with a double helping of tea and toast, as you hear tell of John’s increasing states of peril and starvation. Few books have made me appreciate food quite so much!

So, please excuse me while I go ahead and read the next 400 pages..

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