Running Through the Storm

Sea wall with stormy seas

There seems no letup in this stormy weather, though our house on the hill remains dry and my heart goes out to all those affected by the floods. Living on the coast, we’ve had our share of dramatic weather. But rain and wind won’t keep me indoors; I’ve discovered that the very best thing to do in stormy weather is run..

Walking or cycling in these winds just feels like a hard slog, but running feels natural. After all, what do you do when you get caught out by a shower without your coat ten feet from the car? This is just a small extension of that.

In the last couple weeks we’ve tramped through thick sloppy mud, slipped down water-soaked slopes, been pushed by the wind along slick chalky paths, and held for dear life on to sea railings against horizontal hail. This is not the time of year to buy a nice new pair of trainers- they won’t survive a month. So grab some old gear and let the wind and rain buffet you about. It really is good fun out there.

6 thoughts on “Running Through the Storm

  1. carol h on said:

    Your descriptions are wonderful! We’ve been dealing with snow and freezing rain here in Oklahoma, even a low of -2 a couple of nights ago, which is not common for Oklahoma.

    • I’m a big fan of hibernating too; getting cold and wet just makes curling up by the fire all the sweeter!

    • I’m so glad you thought it inspiring! Yep, don’t let the rain put you off or you won’t get out there ’til March at this rate!