New Words

Sunrays behind clouds at sunset

I’m not one for new year resolutions but, being a word nerd, I do like to nominate a word for the year. My 2013 word was resilience. I had recently taken on a new job that presented a whole host of challenges: setting up a service, managing a team, and generally sticking my neck on the line. I felt the weight of people critiquing my actions and the vulnerability of exposing my mistakes. So, I’ve learnt to be a little tougher, acknowledge errors and move on, rather than cringe and wallow. I’ve become surer of my own decisions and been happier to stand up for my ideas.

Having survived 2013 and toughened up a little, I want to keep my momentum going, pursue and actually complete all the many plans I scribble in to notebooks late at night. So my 2014 word is projects, to generally be up and doing.. creating lovely things, learning new piano tunes, writing more (including about my work as a Speech and Language Therapist) and reading many more books (a pretty constant endeavour…) I hope 2014 is looking good from where you’re sitting. I’m excited to start sharing it with you!

5 thoughts on “New Words

  1. carol h on said:

    Your work sounds wonderfully interesting and rewarding. Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Gorgeous picture. Good luck with your projects! I am trying to read more books too, one a month is the target. My word for this year is ‘potential’, last year’s was ‘fulfillment’. I do love having a word for the year. Glad to find your blog. Laura x

    • Those are some good word choices. And I hope you’ll share your favourite reads on your blog! I’m reading ‘We, the Drowned’ at the moment- perfect for this weather…

  3. That sounds like a great word. I really need to do more projects. I normally think of things but don’t actually carry them through. Something to work on ;)

    • I’m afraid I’m still very much in that camp. I’m really trying to follow through with my plans though! I seem to be filling more notebooks for sure..