A Wintry Week

Tree at Newtown, Isle of Wight

Looking down at boots by a puddle

It’s been wet and stormy round these parts; a well-chosen week to be off work, drowsing under the duvet or snoozing by the fire. But even this stormy weather is worth being out in. I loved the adventure of getting caught running the coast path in a hailstorm: a Christmas Day first for me. And the perfect stillness of Newtown after a storm passes is wintry perfection.

Truly though, I only go outside so I can max out on being lazy at home, for which the Christmas holidays are perfectly designed. Visiting family, eating delicious food, and laughing/shouting over games, is the perfect way to tire yourself out, ready for another big snooze under the duvet. I’m due a little more happy hibernating before the new year arrives..

Tom opening presents by the Christmas tree

Holiday photo collage showing gingerbread, plastic penguins and Bryony

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