An Alphabet Year

Card and cans on kitchen counter

So when I said that I had picked one word for the year that wasn’t entirely accurate..  In true rock ‘n’ roll style, New Year’s Eve found Tom and I sat by the fire with coloured pencils (I know, wild huh?) and a whole alphabet list of things we want to do this year.  A few will be easy to do but some might be more challenging (read: unlikely). Lindyhop anyone?!

Alphabet Year photo collage

Astronomy, Botany, Curry vegetables, Dinosaur hunting, Easter egg hunt, Fly a kite, Grow a pumpkin, Hilltop running, Invite friends & family to the island, Jar jams from foraged fruit, Knit something lovely, Learn the Lindyhop, Mountain challenge, Nettle soup, Oppose injustice, Print something, Quote of the month, Read more, Sign up for a race further than you can currently run, Transform some junk, Use the library, Visit with someone lovely, Wander and wonder, Xylophone, Yarn bomb, Zoology.

11 thoughts on “An Alphabet Year

    • If I’m honest, it’s just the footprints we’ll be hunting. We’re waiting for a neap tide. I’ll keep you posted!..

  1. Jake Packham on said:

    Top Tip: Pumpkin. Mix some of the ground from where the mature plant will grow into your potting compost. Bring him on under glass or on a window sill. Dig a narrow hole, 1 x 1 foot as deep as you can go with nice rough sides. If you have a patio, lift one slab. Mix all the topsoil and a quarter of the subsoil with lots of compost. Refill the hole. Excess can be spread around or left on pots for his tendrils to find later. Give him all the space he wants. When he has had lots of flowers for a week have a cull of all but three. Then when you have three little pumpkins, all both the smaller ones. Consider building a geodesic polydome. When he is bigger than a traffic warden you can thank me. ALWAYS WATER THE ROOTS, NEVER THE LEAVES. Give him sunshine and a bit of wind.

  2. wonderful list! hugh fearnly W has a good nettle soup recipe, I make it lots – we have plenty of nettles….it is Very green, but I love it.