Right Now..

Rusty wrapped up warm

..I’m recovering from a whirlwind week of friends, family, gifts and outdoor adventures. I’m thinking back to races round windy hilltops, and outrunning the tide on a wintry beach; fighting for chestnuts with a pack of cards and choosing outrageous comments for points. We shared our home, and plenty of delicious food, talked books with friends aged 7 – 70, and gifted some homemade goods.

Papercut and syclamen photo collage

Looking down at 4 pairs of boots on the beach

I’m ready for 2015: to say goodbye to some old challenges and relish the thought of those to come. I’m equally excited for the quiet moments and and the full on technicolour happenings.

But, before Monday arrives and we start truly hurtling towards midsummer, I’ll be taking a moment to catch my breath- write my alphabet year and look back on last year’s. So, ’til Monday, I hope you enjoy these late, quiet moments of the festive season to look back on your great adventures of 2014. And may your 2015 be a sweet one.

Red squirrel on a fence in Alverstone

3 thoughts on “Right Now..

  1. Happy New Year to you too! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, now to take a big deep breath and live 2015 to the full!

  2. It does look and sounds like a brilliant Christmas. I loved the Alphabet Year idea and couldn’t resist writing one of my own. I hope that is okay!