Reclaiming the day

Tom digging the allotment

It’s been foggy around here for days, complete with fog horns and a chill air that cuts right through optimistic springtime dressing.  But this afternoon, the sun peeped out just a little.  I was out of the office door at 5:01pm and within fifteen minutes Tom and I were Up Allotment.

This wide open space on our doorstep is still a novelty and, with these lengthening days, it’s an inviting post-work destination.  We have the place to ourselves and a big view out to sea, still hazy in the fog.  We make wild speculations about root systems and worm populations and give firm, unfounded opinions on composting and allotment etiquette. Thoughts don’t go far beyond this square of earth; dig and barrow, dig and barrow…  It doesn’t take long to work up a hunger and talk moves to similarly vital debate such as What’s For Dinner.

This is my new favourite way to reclaim a weekday.

1 thoughts on “Reclaiming the day

  1. Marlene West on said:

    Sounds pretty typically spring to me. same here. My little peas are up thourgh, and the greens, beets, chard, onions and leeks doing fine. will try to fertilize fruit trees and get in some kole crops soon. Finally got the raspberries weeded; now if I only had a way to get some horse manure. . . How lucky are you to have an ocean view while gardening!!!
    Keep hoeing!!